Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our Family is so big and that makes it especially challenging to keep in touch with eachother on  a daily basis... hopefully this will help make it a bit easier :)  Please share whatever you please, what is new with you, your families, fun stories, updates!!!  Grandmother stayed at the Peterson house for a bit after her surgery, while visiting with her we decided to make a list of the Grandkids and the order we came in! Fun little activity, I posted on facebook asking for help with birth years, it was so fun to connect with you cousins, that is where this idea came from.  The Moody grandkid blog.  I know plenty of you have blogs follow this page so others will know how to connect to them!  If you have any ideas let me know, I am new to all this but, you gotta start somewhere.  I love you all. Trina Peterson.  Oh ya, Grandmothers surgery went well, she is looking quite fabulous.

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