Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our Family is so big and that makes it especially challenging to keep in touch with eachother on  a daily basis... hopefully this will help make it a bit easier :)  Please share whatever you please, what is new with you, your families, fun stories, updates!!!  Grandmother stayed at the Peterson house for a bit after her surgery, while visiting with her we decided to make a list of the Grandkids and the order we came in! Fun little activity, I posted on facebook asking for help with birth years, it was so fun to connect with you cousins, that is where this idea came from.  The Moody grandkid blog.  I know plenty of you have blogs follow this page so others will know how to connect to them!  If you have any ideas let me know, I am new to all this but, you gotta start somewhere.  I love you all. Trina Peterson.  Oh ya, Grandmothers surgery went well, she is looking quite fabulous.

Which number are you?

1-Kara Christensen
2-Jana Christensen
3-Jason Thomas
4-Ryan Moody
5-Dean Moody
6-Tauna Ann Moody
7-Brandon Thomas
8-Dallan Moody
10-Matt Thomas
11-David Christensen
12-Chris Moody
13-Justin Moody
14-Ronnie Wright
15-Heather Christensen
16-Amy Jan Warnick
17-Darran Moody
18-Amy Rachel Moody
19-Russell Wright
20-Chet Warnick
21-Natalie Christensen
22-Brenden Moody
23-Dustin Moody
24-Thurmon Thomas
25-Chanda Warnick
26-Danny Wright
27-Lara Christensen
28-Jared Moody
29-Greg Moody
30-Anna Warnick
31-Stacie Moody
32-Trevor Peterson
33-Joe Wright
34-Fran Warnick
35-Megan Moody
36-Megan Peterson
37-Ray Wright
38-Derrick Moody
39-Shanna Moody
40-Trina Peterson
41-Laura Moody
42-Jaclyn Warnick
43-Brooke Moody
44-Chantel Moody
45-Kaitlan Peterson
46-Wyatt Warnick
47-Kyle Moody
48-Mallory Peterson
49-Juel Peterson
50-Jamison Moody
51-Danny Peterson
52-Christian Moody
53-Ellie Warnick
54-Ben Moody
55-Kaye Peterson
56-Tanner Moody
57-Sabra Peterson
58-Chloe Moody
59-Nathan Moody
60-Mary Moody